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Special features

Integration in the xStart system
Options and expansion of the xStart system can be used without limitation
Optional built-in fan for increased switching frequency.

Application examples

Three-phase resistive and inductive loads
Soft motor start in transport and conveying systems
Smooth pump start reduces loading and wear of the entire system (water hammer)
Solid-state switching of pumps in the extreme environments of chemical plants and filling stations
Rapid and noiseless controls in buildings
Smooth start that reduces wear on V-belts in fan drives.

Mains connection
230 – 480 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Control voltage
24 V AC/DC / 110 – 230 V AC

Rating range

4 – 32 A (1.5 – 15 kW at 400 V)
41 – 200 A (22 – 110 kW at 400 V)

Power feature

AC53b: 10 starts per hour with 3-fold starting current for 5 seconds, inductive load with internal bypass
higher number of starts per hour with optional fan.

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