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Application examples

The internal current limitation restricts the inrush current peaks when starting up motors of circular saws, band saws, agitators, mixers, grinders and crushers
Longer service life and less wear on fan and pump drives
Controlled start and stop of mechanical handling drives prevent damage to goods and premature wear on plant that is often spread over a large area
For use as three-phase voltage regulator of heating and lighting installations, as well as for inrush current limitation on transformers

Mains connection
230 – 460 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Control voltage
14 – 230 VAC / DC
Rating range
16 – 900 A
7.5 – 500 kW (in line connection)
11 – 900 kW (in delta connection)
Product characteristics

Application selector switch with 10 standard applications
Programmable relay and analog outputs
Internal motor-protective function (I2t monitoring)
Motor protection (thermistor input)
Functional expansion through communication modules.

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