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Baumueller DSD-IPG - Geared Motor
hanks to the integrated planetary gearing, the DSD-IPG is ideal for high torque applications that require a high dynamic response.

The DSD has an overload capacity that is up to 40% greater than in comparable servomotors in the DS series. With these qualities, the DSD-IPG is the perfect candidate for handling, robotics and packaging applications.

In spite of the transmission ratios of i=4 and i=8, the motor fully retains its dynamic characteristics. The extremely compact DSD-IPG paves the way for optimal space utilization. Several axes can, for example, be placed side by side in a space-saving manner. Depending on the application, Sincos encoders or brakes can be combined with the gearing.

DSD 45-56-IPG - Geared Motors

The concept offers:
high output torque
high dynamic response
low moment of inertia
compact frame size
sleek, uniform housing
smooth housing surface – not easily soiled
optimized transmission stepping
high protection type IP65
optimierte Abstufung der Übersetzungen
Features of the integrated planetary gearing include:
low circumferential backlash (< 3´)
high stability
high efficiency (98%)
transmission ratios i = 4 und i = 8
low noise level (< 65 dBA)
any required mounting position
lifetime lubrication

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