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A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of electric motors for the global industrial market, with motor solutions that benefit a wide range of customers involved in numerous diverse markets.

Our products are used in almost every industrial activities including water treatment, building services, chemicals/petrochemicals, general processing and manufacturing where they drive fans, pumps, compressors and conveyors.

We aim to supply the high quality electric motors with timely delivery. We provide motors from original, OEM, replacement, aftermarket and re-manufactured sources.

We have been dispatching products to customers in Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, United States, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, South Africa, Egypt, etc.

The motors we're offering are from global famous manufactures, including Baldor, Johnson, GE, Dayton, Maxon, ABB, A.O Smith, Emerson, Leeson, Mabuchi, WEG, Siemens, Century, Fasco, Pittman, Brook Crompton, SEW-EURODRIVE, Elektrim, etc.

If you are an end user, dealer, wholesaler or industrial producer interested in high quality and competitive motors, please feel free to contact us.

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